The Hypergamy of Hip Hop – Dissecting Lil Pump’s “I Love It” & Amber Rose Slutwalk

The Hypergamy of Hip Hop - Dissecting Lil Pump's "I Love It" & Amber Rose Slutwalk

Women often complain that Hip-Hop is too misogynistic yet ironically have been complicit in this fact for decades. If this wasn’t the case then Hip-Hop would not still continue to dominate the music streaming habits of both sexes at large. The same single mother asking “where have all the good men gone?” can be found out in the trenches come Friday night grinding to Thotiana. Looking at this situation through red-pill goggles becomes very interesting, especially when you go to a club & see it play out live in action.

The other night I went out clubbing & witnessed the DJ mix in “I Love It” by Lil Pump & Kanye West. It was not surprising to see every woman in my vicinity singing the words, teasing & twerking on the nearest alpha. As soon as the opening words “You’re such a fucking hoe, I love it”  came blaring through the sound system, even the most reserved woman in the club seemed to change her demeanour. I’m not kidding, even an ugly bespectacled ginger girl suddenly got down when that song came on.

The song’s lyrics delivered by the juvenile and bratty, yet undoubtedly Alpha rapper Lil Pump, had female club goers in a thirsty frenzy. The line “Your boyfriend is a bore, McLovin” was clearly reminding women of their own innate hypergamous nature to crave Alpha Fucks & Beta Bucks. Pump continues to brag “Fucked that bitch up out in London, Then I fucked up on her cousin, Or her sister, I don’t know nothin’ “

How many girls in the club do you think have left a good Beta male at home & are out looking for Alpha male excitement?! Cyndi Lauper was right, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. They will ride the cock carousel until finally hitting The Wall & Cashing Out. Some women (most notably) single mothers never quite find someone good enough?! I wonder why that is.

Modern day feminists seems to now include sexual liberation in their own solipsistic dogma & now verbal “slut-shaming” has became a thing that women do not condone. ie, calling out women on their own less than savoury behaviour.

Amber Rose (former rap video girl & former partner of rappers 21 Savage, Kanye West & former spouse to Wiz Khalifa) holds her own Annual “Slutwalk” where women rally city streets, scantily clad & show their pride in being shameless “Sluts”. Ironically, they are adorning this otherwise unfavourable term to attempt to put an end to rape culture. Commendable in that respect, but when you delve into Amber’s behaviours you see a much darker, sobering truth.

Hoes are praised & feminists come to their aid. Not to say that there is anything wrong with this. Of course men & women both love to explore their very real capacity for promiscuity & sexual liberation. However, hidden under the Thotiana’s & I Love It’s of the rap world lies a biological truth that women don’t want you to know about. Hypergamy.

Amber seems to be the poster girl for Hypergamy having birthed with millionaire rapper Wiz Khalifa after splitting with Kanye West. Both were useful in a utility sense but not alpha enough & so she began to monkey branch over to dating the 9 years her junior, gun-toting rapper 21 Savage. He has since been dubbed a cuck by the red-pill community for attending the Amber’s Slutwalk with her. I found it a little pathetic that he was documented on record admitting to being “Captain Save a Hoe”. Not surprisingly, 21’s gangster image turned out to be false in more ways than one & definitely not masculine enough for Amber either.

Amber Rose is now divorced at 35, follows Narcissist Awareness pages on Instagram & is bound to hit the wall soon. A woman of her high value (although hijacked from her association with rappers) will not settle for fake rappers & lesser beta males. Maybe she will continue to ride the bad-boy cock carousel like many single mothers do until she finally hits her peak in the SMP (Sexual Market Place). Maybe she will be the one out dancing to Thotiana & saying “where have all the good men gone?”. Her tweet below should answer that for you.

When he’s over 6’2, has a Big Dick and a New NBA Contract 🤗🤑🤤 Catsuit by @FashionNova— Amber Rose (@DaRealAmberRose) August 17, 2018